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Different Types of Entry-Level of Jobs in Construction


If you are interested in construction, but you have limited or no experience in any of the trades involved, you will probably be happy to find out that construction is among the very few industry segments that offer entry-level positions without requiring already existing knowledge and that provide great advancement opportunities for talented people starting at any level. Here are some entry-level jobs that you can apply for:

  • General contractor’s laborer – general contractors manage the entire construction project and the various subcontractors they work with. Given the general contractor’s complex activity, the person employed as a general contractor’s laborer will probably have the opportunity to work wherever help is needed, with various trade professionals, therefore it is a great position to learn multiple trades;
  • Landscape laborer – if you have green fingers, you will surely love this type of employment;
  • Flooring and tile laborer – the work involved is relatively easy to learn and it can open the way to starting your own business in the future;
  • Roofing laborer – if you do not have a fear of height and you are in great physical shape, getting a job as a roofing laborer is a great way to learn a complex trade and to put having your own business into perspective.  There are also road construction jobs in Colorado that offer a great start into the construction industry that can lead you to a fabulous future in the industry.