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Construction Certifications That Can Help You Advance Your Career


The construction industry is unique in many ways, one aspect that makes it so special being the incredibly varied employment opportunities and that it is among the very few segments in which any talented person initially employed as a laborer can advance to management positions relatively quickly. The advancement can be further accelerated with the help of certifications – here are some that can make that much-wanted promotion come even faster:

  • A certificate in surveying and engineering from the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying – the certificate might take some time to obtain (each state has its own regulations), but it can jump-start a career in the construction industry;
  • Construction management – if you have spent years working on construction sites, you surely know the ins and outs as well as the potential pitfalls of the related work processes. A certificate in construction management will allow you to leverage all your practical knowledge as well as the theory acquired during the formal training and to advance in your career quickly;
  • Project management – a certificate obtained in the field of construction project management will open many doors for you and will allow you to get a very well-paid and satisfying job.  For more construction jobs and opportunities to build your career, see