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Common Myths About Working in Construction


Whatever industry we are talking about, there are numerous myths, misconceptions and stereotypes that people consider to be true without even trying to think about them. Here are some about the construction segment:

  • Anyone can find construction jobs in Colorado market – the segment has been severely affected by labor shortage for years, but it is still a very competitive segment. Many companies welcome people who don’t have any previous experience in construction and offer training in the form of apprenticeship programs, but the process of getting accepted for these programs requires candidates to prove that they have what it takes to learn the specific trade;
  • Working in construction is not safe – many work processes are carried out at heights and many involve high-capacity tools and machines, too, but construction companies have very strict safety protocols in place to protect the safety of their employees as well as the safety and security of the building site;
  • Construction is not for women – employment in construction is becoming increasingly popular among women and more and more companies offer great job opportunities for the ladies as well;
  • Construction work is simple, all you need to do is to sling some tools – any position in construction requires a vast set of skills. One of these skills is surely the capability to use tools, but the ability to learn new things quickly, to communicate and to solve problems are just as important.