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Checklist of Certifications You Will Need For a Job in Construction


Construction is the art of building a structure to serve a specific purpose. A career in construction is perfect for people who want to stay physically active and make a difference in the world by building quality structures and there are many Denver CO jobs available.

There are numerous construction courses that offer a chance for a job upon completion, or you can try to gain more experience. Take full advantage of any internship you have the chance to get into, because after that, companies will typically use them as a way to recruit future employees. Internships also provide a good opportunity to learn more about the structure of the industry through which you can develop the skills and qualities needed for different jobs. Temporary work at a relevant company can also be helpful in establishing contacts and building relationships.

If you want to level up your construction career potential, you should take into account getting some of the following certifications:

  • Health & safety qualification based on your job title
  • OSHA Training
  • Certifications for engineering and surveying offered by The National Council of Examiners
  • Certifications offered by The American Concrete Institute
  • Green Business Certification (LEED)
  • Certification in construction management