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A Day in the Life of a Construction Project Manager


Construction project managers spend all of their working days negotiating contracts, hiring subcontractors and inspecting different problems that arise during project development for Denver jobs. They are definitely busy people.

A construction manager gets the highest payment in the construction industry ($50,000 – $140,000) – and for a good reason: besides being a qualified professional, a typical day at work for them starts early and ends late. The tasks are not the same every day, because a construction manager does a lot of them. One day, they could hire staff and subcontractors, the other day they could organize, direct and control the company`s projects; one day, they could prepare and submit budgets, and the other day they could work on maximizing material and human resources.

A constructor manager is up and out to work by dawn, otherwise there is no way to deal with everything in time (planning, working with documents, meetings, supervising the job site etc.).

Due to the complexity of their job, construction project managers have a few common traits:

  • Very good communication skills, which is essential for defining objectives clearly
  • Unquestionable professional knowledge
  • Competence (ability to do their job properly)
  • Accessibility and adaptability to unforeseen circumstances.