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10 Techniques to Keep Your Cool Before and During a Job Interview


Job interviews can be very stressful. As you prepare and as you go into the interview, there are a few very important techniques and things you can try to calm yourself, stay focused, and keep your cool:

  1. Jog or do an easy or moderate exercise routine 1-2 hours before the interview. It will help get the blood pumping and oxygenate your brain so you can be lively and inspired during the interview.
  2. Try doing some yoga postures and do a 20-minute guided meditation to calm your nerves.
  3. Meet up with a friend and get the interview off your mind, or seek emotional support from them.
  4. Spend time with your pets. The calming effects of petting a cat are even documented by science.
  5. Spend some time reading a book or an article on a topic that interests or motivates you.
  6. Watch one of your preferred episodes of your favorite show on Netflix for inspiration and a better drive towards success.
  7. Focus only on your positive traits and why the company might want to hire you.
  8. As you go into the interview, keep in mind that the people you are meeting are still people, and think of common daily activities – like eating breakfast or struggling to wake up in the morning – that they might have an issue with.
  9. Take a few deep breaths before going in.
  10. As you’re waiting, rehearse some of the things you’ve read about the company and remember why you’re there. It will give you focus as you prepare to go in.

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